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NUTRI-VENTURES - The quest for the 7 Kingdoms

TV Series for Teens 56 Episodes x 24' Minutes - Total 1344 min - HD - 5 Seasons

Full Service Production for Nutri-Ventures Corporation
Created, Writen and Produced by Nutri-Ventures Corporation
Direction, Character and Background Concepts by BANG! BANG! Animation Studio
Animation Production by BANG! BANG! Animation Studio

Broadcasted in: RTP2 Portugal; Panda Portugal; Disney Channel Spain; MTV2 Hungary; Minimax Hungary; Pixel TV Ukraine; Minimax Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Servia & Montenegro, Slovakia, Czechs Rep; Megamax Romania;OTO Slovenia; Noga Children Channel Israel; Okto channel Singapore; RTM - Radio Televisyen Malaysia Malaysia; SBT Brazil; Youtube Brazil and USA; Kabillion USA; Hulu USA


Showreels - Nutri Ventures

Nutri Ventures 01

Nutri Ventures 01

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NUTRI VENTURES - The quest for the 7 Kingdoms